About Us

    Chengdu shipped up moved service limited is a set warehouse, and packaging, and distribution, and information processing Yu a of professional moved company, is Chengdu opened more early, and scale larger of professional moved transport enterprise; Chengdu shipped up moved, and Chengdu moved, and Chengdu moved company, and Chengdu moved company phone, and Chengdu moved company price, and Chengdu long-distance moved, and Chengdu long-distance moved company, and Chengdu moved company which good has fast of transport capacity and perfect professional service management system.

    Chengdu yunda moved featured a number of high-quality moving services limited staff, hope of Chengdu moving with friends to bring quality. Fast moving services service, together with the moving market and efforts to improve bad, and strive to establish a household name of Chengdu moving image. Chengdu Chengdu moving, moving company philosophy references in all major institutional, specialized, processes, openness, customized service, provide customers with a more intimate, friendly service, and provide customers with excellent value for money service.

    thanks to years of stringent demands on each and every move employees moving company moving industry in Chengdu, Chengdu has a good reputation, the thoughts of the general consumers select high quality moving companies in Chengdu and messing with, and are afraid of being cheated, so we set up a complete signing of valuation and damages compensation system so that consumers will be given the best interests and protection. This and continue in a sincere, careful of the principles the task which has been entrusted to you.