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Air conditioning service

Air conditioning service 

    a. professional air conditioning mechanic, you carry out various brands of air conditioning repairs, disassembly, tube, plus add refrigerant tubes, cleaning, and other services, if there are problems, one year warranty.

    b. small wall type air conditioning (1 horse, 1.5 horse), disassembly fee 80 Yuan/Taiwan, and maintenance fee not package material 80 Yuan/Taiwan, and for tube package attached material 60 Yuan/meters, and added snow species 60-80 Yuan/Taiwan, and cleaning 35 Yuan/Taiwan;

    medium Cabinet type (hanging type) air conditioning (2 horse, and 3 horse), disassembly fee 120 Yuan/Taiwan, and maintenance fee not package material 100 Yuan/Taiwan, and Tube 80/m, extra refrigerant 80-110/set, cleaning 45/set;

    five piece Cabinet, assembling and disassembling costs 160 Yuan/Taiwan, maintenance do not pack Materials 130/set, tube-Pack 90/m 120-150/set, add refrigerant, clean 50 Yuan/Taiwan.

    c. this charge standard according to the materials in the market of prices and easily make appropriate workload fluctuations without providing other professional work and many unconventional jobs.