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Remember before you move on a good price

    because of the traffic does not inconvenience, Liu attempted to move again, and he just moved out a month ago. Mr Liu now is work not inconvenience dibon no longer does because of the heavy traffic delay time from work all the time, so this time he attempted to move to live near, found a House, Liu in Shenzhen was found in the small ads moving company, because it is a new home, so the move didn't bother finishing up.

    move on the question of costs, compared with the last move, this time interval is similar to last, costs should not float very high, and soon moved the company about ready, beginning the task of moving.

    a will time, goods are moved Shang has car, everyone on to new of residence has, but to has new of residence Hou, moved company of people not first moved goods last to money, but in moved goods Qian requests Liu Mr first make money, and also is and zhiqian said of price turned has several times of, Liu Mr a see urgent has with moved company of people practice, then, cheats moved company of people revealed has originally of looks, Said what they moved of costs not pursuant to times is of but pursuant to passengers is of, that is originally moved once home to 200 Yuan, and moved company to 3 a people is 200, 5 a people is 200, however cheats company of claims is moved costs is by passengers is of, moved times home 200 Yuan, if is 4 a people, so total of moved costs is 1000 Yuan. So Mr LAU's cost than the beginning of turn 4 times, Mr Liu does not pay, movers will not move goods.

    Finally, Liu only said that up to 300, and if this doesn't work, ask for police to deal with, the moving company is read by people who do not have the first, take the money and run. Mr Liu said, moving a home, over 4 times the money, this is not a robbery? Crook moving company's unreasonable request, like robbery, met the opposition less points, hit the fear of trouble to people who want to stir up trouble and earn points, the opportunistic liar moving company Central. Therefore, in order not to encourage the arrogance of cheats, be sure to look for regular formal website moving company, on the initiatives we "people moving network" to find. If encounter cheats moving company, sure to use legal weapons illegal interests cover himself.

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