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Moving industry standard difficult to solve the problem

    development is inseparable from a stable rule in any industry, the moving company so does the industry's development. Now move occurred mainly during the furniture damaged, lost, responsibility cannot be identified, charging lack of standards, and charges at issue.

    moving relocation, was delighted that there are many problems, but people don't feel comfortable. Move to lower trade barriers to entry, personnel are not high in real terms, this is the reality. In any industry, to win the market, essentially depends on the integrity and quality.

    recently, according to reflect consumers, move widespread industry problem of low threshold, the quality varies greatly, and because the evidence is difficult, lost responsibility finds that consumers are often unable to defend their rights and interests in the process of moving.

    It is understood that most of the moving company is to "distance, floor bump, equipment and labour intensity of" choice of charges, but since there is no clear standards, so some informal companies tend to give the consumer a lower price, and then justifying another increase.

    there are a few moving company is a sign, a desk, a telephone, and print small confession posted around and undertaking business, some don't even have fixed cars and porters. Because of the many moving companies will not sign contracts and customers, so if there is a problem, the company refuses to confess, and some put the blame on workers, and most of these workers are hired on a temporary, it is hard to find. And consumers due to come up with the evidence, and ultimately can only be nothing.

    in this regard, the consumers we'd choose a reputable moving company brands, carrying number handling, value for agreed in writing before, and carefully reflect on the other side will be able to issue receipts. After moving out, also need to inventory items in a timely manner and reflect on whether there is damage, counting is correct, then pay the related costs.