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Moving claim must see

    moving is a very troublesome elaborate things, a loss is inevitable, both sides will need to communicate and negotiate compensation at this time, moving companies explain to customers need to move claim how to deal

    1, prior to the move, the owner should be with the Shenzhen company account, focusing on which items requiring special attention to care, because we cannot put all the things in the handling process are meant to be exhaustive, but if you focus to remind us, we will certainly focus on treatment, of course, other items that we will be responsible for handling

    2, for some electrical items, the customer should notify in advance whether moving company in Shenzhen need to be demolished, package goods items in advance, so you can effectively avoid the parts missing

    3, the customer shall as soon as possible survey the terrain reminded moving company in Shenzhen which is not conducive to walking, which corridors were too narrow and so on, when you tell us, we will, based on many years of experience in moving work out the best move program

    4, if you have some particularly valuable items, please bring their own or buy insurance, if there are principles on claims-related issues, Shenzhen moving company should ask before signing up