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Moving details small maintenance

    whether you are a long distance moving or still moving, moving company, in order to effectively reduce some unnecessary troubles and disputes, following which it is necessary to

    1, in the process of moving, be sure to remember your items packed away, some of the package on the table number, so as to avoid loss of packages.

    2, before you start handling, we once again confirm the price is consistent with the previously agreed price is necessary. If there is a fare increase, are processed in a timely manner.

    3, in the process of moving, preferably in or new home now on the floor, spread some waste cloth, which can effectively prevent the floor from being scratched.

    4, in the process of moving, fragile or valuable items, it is best to handling staff made it clear that, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.

    5, after the end of the move, be sure to record contract number, the sequence after the driver's name, car number, only to sign a contract. And after the company must move objects such as request an invoice or receipt, effectively safeguarding their own legitimate rights and interests of

    in the process of moving, moving company should remind that is, be sure to select a proper moving companies for moving jobs. You know, not normal moving company, the problem is that there is a greater threat to your property