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Moving process handling and placed in the freezer to pay attention to?

    1. disconnect the power plug, cut off the power supply, remove all food in the freezer, with sticky tape fixed freezer shelves, Humidors and freezer drawer and other moving parts, close the refrigerator door, fixed with adhesive tape, so as not to move when being opened.

    2. handling, lift foot, unable to grasp the door handle or on countertops and condenser force, not to drag on the ground.

    3. while unloading the freezer when the fuselage tilted cannot exceed 45 degrees, to keep the freezer level must not be inverted and upright, cannot grasp the door handle or drag the condenser, so as to avoid damage. Using reciprocating compressor refrigerator tilt angle not too big in the handling, if greater than 45 degrees, the compressor in the spring due to the non-uniform deformation, or even decoupled compressors will lose balance and produce abnormal noise and damage to the compressor, so be careful transporting or moving the freezer.

    4. during transport to prevent knocking and rattling, to prevent rain and flooding.

    5. shipments: requires at least 2-3 hours before it can be powered up, to protect the compressor's life, after moving because of cooling liquid in the cooling pipe of the compressor shake, be precipitation of impurities in fluids before they can operate, or when the compressor out of fluids through high and low pressure valves, resulting in a cooling effect. Selection of rotary compressor freezer this phenomenon does not occur, can be transported down, tilt up the stairs.